We love what we do. RMG started in 2012 when two brother-in-laws with educational backgrounds in design, communication and marketing saw an opportunity to combine their passions and experience while supporting local families and businesses that were struggling to compete against big companies with big budgets. 


Ryan Kemper, Co-owner

Cinematographer, Graphic Designer

Jayme Arnett, Co-owner

Cinematographer, Graphic Designer

We started our journey when a mutual friend wanted to start a small business selling locally-made, machined parts but didn't know where to start. We told him to take care of the manufacturing (what he's good at) and let us take care of everything else (what we're good at). We built him a website, put him on social media, and set up his online store. He went from $0.00 in sales to over $100,000 annual revenue his first year in business - all from online sales! We loved the process of building his site but what we found most rewarding was helping a small business owner compete in an online world. From there we worked other projects here and there and as we watched our business grow, we decided it was time to get an LLC and make things "official." 


And Risen Media Group, LLC. was born.


As we continue in this venture together, we continue to keep our passion at the center of our business - helping small businesses thrive in a digital age. We've also enjoyed other fields this business has led us into - wedding videography, real estate photography, senior pictures, and much more. 


We both have full-time jobs outside of Risen Media Group and we feel this affords us the opportunity to offer more value to you, our customer. Because this isn't our main source of income, we're able to offer our phenomenal work at a low price. We also don't have a huge team to manage and pay - so low prices and personal touches are included with every project.

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